Sunday, 4 October 2015

Last day in Jakarta

This is going to be my last fashion post from my 'long trip to Indonesia' and I had so much fun in Jakarta meeting my relatives and old friends. These photos were actually taken the day before I flew back to Hong Kong, a last-minute photo session, and thanks to my bf who was forced to be the photographer (again) :D 
You may notice, if you are following me on instagram, that I'm wearing this bag from Mischa a lot during my long trip. It carries pretty much everything especially when you are on a trip this bag is your best friend. I have my passport, wallet, sunnies, camera, cosmetics, just everything inside the bag. 
Here I'm basically just wearing a casual outfit that I found in my closet for years and years (I washed it don't worry) and it's completely fine. For those of you who have ever thought that you don't have clothes to wear (d'uh, me!), trust me, you do. 

I'm wearing plain t-shirt from H&M/ Outer from unknown/ Jeans from Cotton On/ Heels from Zara/ Necklaces from H&M/ Bag from Mischa

Photography by Fareza

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


You probably wonder where I have been. Don't worry I'm still here, but not in Hong Kong tho. For those of you who followed my instagram would probably know that I'm currently in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta.  I've been here since the day after my graduation day, which was last June. Since then, I was busy preparing stuff and moving from place to place so I didn't  have much time to blog. But, hey, my boyfriend took me to a theme park in Sentul, Indonesia, and he helped me to photograph while waiting for the rides. And, yup, the result is not that bad tho ;)

I'm wearing cap from Nike / Top from YourEyesLie / Ripped jeans from Ă…land / Shoes from Adidas / Sunnies Forever 21

Photography by Fareza

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Short trip to Macau

Hello everyone! So this post is going to be a travel post not a fashion one, okay? So basically my family and I went to Macau last week and I haven't been to Macau for so long, the last time I went there was like 3 or 4 years ago? I couldn't remember but it was the time when I moved to Hong Kong, around that time. We went to The Venetian, of course, that is the most popular place in Macau. Basically, it is a shopping mall + hotel + casino + sightseeing kind of place and I just love the atmosphere there. They try to make everything looks like you are in Venetian with its classic look. And then, we decided to spend a night at the Galaxy Macau Hotel and you have no idea how beautiful it is. I was amazed by the architecture and details and the view outside and inside the buildings. They just look like a huge castle when you see from outside. I'd really love to travel more around Macau but we just had no time so we went back to Hong Kong in the afternoon by TurboJet ferry. So if you are planning to go to Macau anytime soon, you should visit the places I mentioned above! And yeah, leave some comments if you have any questions! xoxo